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Bus Lane Feasibility Study

Welcome and thank you for your interest in transit and bus priority in the Capital Region! Transit is an integral part of our community, providing access to jobs, education, retail, entertainment, recreation, and more. This study will determine the feasibility of bus lanes throughout the region that will allow buses to operate faster and more reliably, improving service to thousands of riders daily. This website is the main portal to learn more about the study and get engaged through surveys, study reports, and presentations. Please check out each page and check back regularly for updates. If you’d like to get on our mailing list, please fill out the form on the Get Involved page. Thank you for your interest!


Communication during this project will take place through the Survey page, in-person and virtual meetings
(see Events page), and by using the Get Involved page. If you would like to contact the study team directly,
please feel free to call or email us using the information below.

Project Phone Number: (518) 255-7190

Project Email Address: